Best Free Photo Editing Software for Windows in 2017

Best Free Photo Editing Software– Either you are shooting an occasional selfies from your smartphone or you are a professional photographer and owning a studio. Definitely you need a professional software in order to organize and edit the pictures for finding the best photo among them and giving the better look. We are well aware of technology of camera is being improving at rapid rate. Even though today smartphones are more powerful than smartphones few year back. The same phrase is a truth for photo editing software. No matter if you are taking pictures from iPhone 7 Plus or DSL and you really care about your pictures then you will import them into your personal computer in order to organize them, pick the best ones and then perfect them. Here in this article we are going to introduce the best photo editing software with you of all level of photographer from the entry level to the pro level.

Free Photo Editing Software

Photographer Level Software
Entry Level Microsoft Photos, Apple Photos
Pro-sumer Level Adobe Photoshop Elements, , Corel PaintShop Pro X9, CyberLink PhotoDirector, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, ACDsee Ultimate, DxO Optics Pro 11,
Professional Level ACDsee Ultimate, AdobePhotoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, DxO Optics Pro 11, Phase One Capture One Pro

Free Photo Editing Platforms

Are you well aware of smartphone technology and tools of photography like offered by the Facebook and Instagram? So does it mean that you need to pay a lot for quality software? No it is not. Updated desktop Operating System includes free photo Editing software with no extra hidden cost. Windows 10 application of photo editing may surprise you with its functionalities. In its touchable friendly interface the application offers a very good level of photo correction and it also have the capability of creating editable photo albums based on images, place and date grouping. The same functionalities lies in apple photos too but the albums are not editable. Both of the Free Photo Editing software (Apple Photos, Microsoft Photos) are also sync with cloud storage devices like iCloud for Apple and OneDrive for MS. Within Apple Photos photo editing software you can make searched based on detection of object types like “Tree” or “Cat” on the other hand this functionality is available when the images are placed in cloud storage like OneDrive. There is also one plugin available with Apple photos perfectly clear which increasing the capacity of Free Photo Editing Software.

Free Photo Editing Software for Linux and Ubuntu

When we talk about the Photo Editing Software we can’t ignore the Linux and Ubuntu. Linux and Ubuntu also comprises of photo editing. They are capable of using Shotwell Application. What you think the discussion of free photo editing software would end without mentioning the venerable GIMP which is available for all operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. The software offers ton of plugins for Photoshop-style. Recently well liked and independent so called Picasa Application has been shuttered by Google, so those looking for free Photo Editing Software must give a try to Pixlr and Polar at MS.